Wood Packaging in Turin:

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MGS is an originally artisan company, founded in 1965 and now in its third generation, which has always been involved in Industrial wooden packaging and integrated logistics. The company offers versatile packaging solutions for companies and private individuals.

Customised Wooden Packaging and Customised Solutions in Turin The wide range of products manufactured by MGS falls into the category of 'INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING' suitable for national and international shipments by land, sea and air.

Our wooden packaging company offers a comprehensive and customised service that goes beyond the mere production of packaging, making us more of a partner to our customers than a supplier. 

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MGS Quality Policy for Customer Satisfaction

The Executive Board has implemented a quality policy aimed at satisfying customer needs, with clear objectives:

Our Products

wood packaging, 100% sustainable and certified

Certificazioni Imballaggi di Qualità

The company is proud of its FITOK and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certifications,
testimony to its ongoing commitment to high quality standards in all its products and services.

Wood Packaging: Ecological and Versatile Solutions

Wooden packaging is an environmentally friendly and versatile choice for your packaging and transport needs. Discover the different options available and how these packages can meet your specific needs.

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Industrial Packaging for the National and International Market

MGS has gained a strong presence both nationally and internationally through the production of highly competitive industrial packaging, including customised packaging to meet specific customer requirements, as well as large packaging.

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Customised packaging solutions

MGS is ready to serve a wide range of customers with packaging solutions, including private individuals, craftsmen, government agencies and large companies. With an unwavering commitment to quality, choice of raw materials and product customisation.

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We offer customised solutions and high-quality services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your shipments and materials handling.

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